What plans am I currently enrolled in?

Follow the below steps to view the plans you are currently enrolled in:

  1. Go to the FirstEnergy Today portal.
  2. Click Workspaces.
  3. Under Employee Center, click Employee Center Home.
  4. Click Benefits.
  5. Under Quick Links, click Benefits Elections in the third column.
  6. At the bottom, click Print Confirmation Form: All Plans.

Are my dependents covered?

  • You must log into Open Enrollment Tool (available from Oct 16-30)
  • On the left hand side Select Personal & Dependent Information – at the top of the page you will see your name and address – Scroll to the bottom of the page to see your list of eligible dependents, your dependents are covered on the plans that shows an x in the plan box next to their name.
  • Please be sure to click Save and Continue button at the bottom of the page.

How do I add family members to my FirstEnergy benefits?

If you need to add a family member or domestic partner to your FirstEnergy benefits, call the Human Resources Service Center at 1-800-543-4654 (internally 811-4357 - option 2). You cannot add family members to benefit plans through the Open Enrollment tool. 

What are my plan options?

Many tools and resources have been posted on http://www.myfirstrewards.com/ to help you understand your benefit options and make informed decisions. You can access this website using any computer that has internet access at home or work. Please take the time to read your enrollment information.

My log-in information is not working?

Please be sure to follow the log-in steps correctly, and create a new password. If after several attempts you cannot sign in, please contact the HR Service Center (1-800-543-4654) for assistance.

I’m eligible for the employer healthcare contribution of $500/1,000.  Do the employer HSA contributions (for this employer contribution and the healthy living incentive) count toward my annual HSA contribution maximum?

Yes.  Any contributions (whether employee or employer) count toward your annual HSA contribution maximum.  For 2018, the annual HSA contribution max for those electing single/employee only medical coverage is $3,450 ($6,900 if you’re adding family members to your medical plan).

The employer contribution is already factored into the OE tool.  For example, I’m eligible for the employer contribution and I add myself/my kids to medical, FirstEnergy will deposit $1000 in my HSA in the 1st quarter.  The enrollment tool knows I’m eligible for this and will take my max and reduce it by the $1000 (based on what I elect as my medical plan and tier).  So the employer contribution is factored into what an employee can elect in the enrollment tool.

Not all union employees are eligible for the employer contribution.  Refer to your collective bargaining agreement to determine eligibility.

Will there be an enrollment for critical illness and accident insurance this year?

Yes.  FirstEnergy provides access to certain voluntary benefits through Mercer that provide you with additional coverage. FirstEnergy is not the plan sponsor of these offerings but discounts are negotiated on your behalf.  You can enroll in critical illness and accident insurance only from Oct. 16 through 30 through Mercer at 866-795-0156 or http://www.firstenergyvoluntarybenefits.com/.  You can enroll in other plans (identity theft protection, auto/home insurance and pet insurance) at any time.

I am enrolled in an HDHP/HSA and would like to contribute the maximum amount to my HSA in 2018.  I believe I will also receive the healthy living incentive payout, which will default to my HSA.  How do I contribute the maximum amount to my HSA but ensure I am not over the 2018 HSA limit?

If you earn the Healthy Living incentive and your incentive is deposited into your HSA and it exceeds the 2018 HSA maximum, SAP will adjust your employee HSA deductions at the beginning of 2018 to ensure you do not contribute above the HSA maximum amount.

If I am at least age 55 (or older) and want to contribute the $1000 HSA catch up contribution, how do I do that?

If you are electing to contribute HSA catch up contributions during open enrollment, you must enter the maximum HSA contribution in order to elect the catch up HSA contribution in the open enrollment tool.

I purchased additional time off through the PTO purchase program (for nonbargaining employees only).  I will not be able to use all of this PTO.  How do I get reimbursed?

If you purchased additional time off through the PTO Purchase Program and you will not be able to use it, you will have the opportunity to sell back those unused Purchased PTO hours.  A communication will be sent at year end with instructions to employees with remaining Purchased PTO hours.  Those employees will be required to submit a form to request their Purchased PTO to be refunded at year end. Employees will receive their refund in the last pay in December.