The employee benefits at FirstEnergy help protect you and your eligible dependents and ensure you have access to quality care,. 

During the fall each year, you have the opportunity to select the benefits that best meet the needs of you and your family. The elections you make during the open enrollment period become effective on January 1. 

When open enrollment ends you are not permitted to change your coverage until next year’s open enrollment period. The only exception is if you have a qualifying life event like marriage, divorce, a change in job status, birth or adoption, etc. (Learn more about qualifying life events.) 

To make the most of your benefits, here are some things you should consider about your benefit choices:

  • Consider your needs: Think about how you and your family used your benefit plans during the year and consider your needs for the next year.
  • Compare your options: Medical benefits are some of the most important benefits you receive from FirstEnergy. Are you enrolled in the right option? Comparing your options will help you feel confident about your choice.
  • See your tax savings: Determine how much you can save in federal income taxes and Social Security taxes by contributing to a health savings account or flexible spending account depending on your medical plan.