Naming beneficiaries ensures that the money from your benefit programs will go where you want in the event of your death. This simple move can save your family time and money. And be sure to update your beneficiaries whenever your life situation changes in the future - such as marriage, divorce, death of a designated beneficiary, etc.

Pension Plan

Without a beneficiary in place, it is possible that a pension benefit may not be paid in the event of your death.

If you are married, your spouse is automatically your beneficiary and there are no forms for you to complete.

If you are not married, you can designate and/or update a beneficiary by completing the appropriate designation form. You can verify your pension beneficiary by emailing

401(k) Savings Plan

To designate, verify and/or update your beneficiary designation go to Fidelity’s website or call 1-800-982-3451.

Life Insurance

You are eligible and automatically enrolled in basic life insurance. In addition, you have the option to enroll in supplemental life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

To designate, verify and/or update your beneficiary designation regarding any life insurance coverage you have with FirstEnergy, contact MetLife at or call 1-866-492-6983 after your benefits are effective.

You also may enroll in dependent life insurance for your spouse and child(ren) although no beneficiary designation is needed because you would automatically be designated as the beneficiary.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

If you enroll in the Consumer HDHP or Enhanced HDHP through FirstEnergy, you can contribute to an HSA. Go to HealthEquity’s platform or call them at 1-877-713-7712 to designate, verify and/or update your beneficiary information.