Considering Retiring?

Your Retiree Health Care Options

An important part of retirement planning is understanding your health care options after you retire and what action you need to take before your retirement begins. To help you evaluate the options available when you retire, FirstEnergy has developed a brochure with information about your options. Contact your local HR office or click here for a copy of this brochure.

The SHIP National Technical Assistance Center provides free counseling and guidance to help individuals navigate Medicare. Visit for more information. 

Your Pension

Choosing to retire and commence your pension is a major decision which each individual and, as appropriate, their family must make. Although we can’t make the decision for you, we have developed some Retirement Preparation Guidelines, which if followed, should help to make your transition into retirement easier. Review this summary document if you are divorced or have a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO). 

Your 401(k) Savings Plan

You will also want to speak with Fidelity regarding your 401(k) Savings Plan.  They can provide you with an estimated benefit amount. Contact them at or 1-800-982-3451.