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Indoor Mask and Meeting Requirement Update 3/11/22
Mask Protocol Update 3/3/22
Get a COVID-19 Home Test 1/24/22
How to Order Free COVID-19 Home Test Kits 1/19/22
COVID-19 Vaccination or Testing Requirement in Effect on Jan. 10 1/10/22
Mask Protocol Update 1/7/22
Vaccine Requirement Update 12/22/21
Continue to Mask 9/20/21
Biden Administration’s Recent COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Order 9/13/21
Telehealth and COVID-19 Treatment Update 9/2/21
Workplace Return Date Extended to Feb. 28, 2022 8/17/21
Combat Workplace Burnout 8/16/21
Certain COVID-19 Protocols Lifting Today 7/26/21
It’s Worth a Shot 6/8/21
Coding Your Time When Taking Time Off 6/1/21
Update on Company COVID-19 Protocols 5/28/21
COVID-19 Shots Administered in Reading 5/21/21
COVID-19 Vaccines Available in Akron and Reading
Pandemic Results in New Language 5/13/21
Navigating the Next Phase of the Pandemic 5/6/21
Employees’ Workplace Return Date Extended to No Sooner Than Sept. 20, 2021 4/26/21
Who is Eligible for the COVID-19 Vaccine and Where Can I Find One?
Got Your COVID-19 Vaccine? 4/12/21
COVID-19: A Look Back Over a Year of Change
The State of COVID-19 Vaccines 2/11/21
Workplace Safety Reminders 1/27/21
Webinar – Gaining Resiliency 1/25/21
7 Ways to Take Care of the Skin Under Your Mask 1/8/21
Telehealth and COVID Treatment Updates 12/23/20
Holiday Hours for Health Reporting Center 12/22/20
Safe Travels this Holiday Season 12/21/20
Celebrating Holidays during the COVID-19 Pandemic 12/16/20
Pennsylvania and West Virginia Update State Mask Guidelines 12/11/20
How COVID-19 Has Impacted Holiday Shopping Habits 12/10/20
COVID-19 Cases Are on the Rise 12/10/20
Employees’ Workplace Return Date Extended to No Sooner Than June 1, 2021 11/20/20
Traveling Over the Holidays? 11/17/20
Safe Social Distancing 10/28/20
COVID-19 Hasn't Let Up. You Shouldn't Either.
COVID-19 is Still a Risk 10/15/20
Running Essential Errands 10/8/20
Get Your Flu Shot and Health Screening 9/29/20
Time Off for Voting on Nov. 3 9/29/20
Safety Measures Key When Enjoying Daily Activities 9/24/20
Help is Just a Click Away 9/23/20
Introducing the Safe Workplace Tool 9/14/20
Soap, Sanitizer and Handwashing 101 9/10/20
Telehealth Coverage Extended 9/2/20
Summer Vacation Travel Protocol 8/31/20
Protect Yourself and Others 8/28/20
Studies Point to Effectiveness of Masks 8/20/20
Workplace Flexibility Reminder 8/13/20
Maryland Joins List of States with Mask Mandates 7/31/20
Take Time to Update Your Emergency Contact Info 7/28/20
Employees Workplace Return Date Extended to 2021 7/27/20
Travel Plans? 7/16/20
WV Order Mandates Masks Indoors 7/9/20
Video Message to Employees from President Steve Strah 7/7/20
Workplace Return Guide 7/6/20
PTO Carryover Process Announced 7/2/20
Remember: COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures Remain in Effect 6/29/20
Addressing Employees' Health-Related Concerns About Returning to the Workplace 6/25/20
Call for Stories 6/16/20
Benefits Modifications during COVID-19 6/8/20
Chuck Jones Updates Employees in Video Message 6/3/20
COVID-19 Employee Survey Results 6/1/20
Workplace Return Date Extended to After Labor Day 5/29/20
A Message to Employees from Chuck Jones 5/22/20
As States Reopen, Stay Vigilant 5/20/20
Chuck Jones Answers Employee Questions 5/15/20
Coping with the Uncertainty of COVID-19? 5/14/20
New Employee Survey: What Do You Think of FE’s COVID-19 Response? 5/11/20
An Update from Chuck Jones 5/8/20
Have a Question for Chuck Jones? Send it to Us! 5/7/20
Employees Working from Home will not be Required to Return to Workplace Before June 29 5/4/20
Your COVID-19 Work and Benefits Questions Answered 5/4/20
A Video Update from Chuck Jones 5/1/20
OH Governor Clarifies Mask Requirement 4/30/20
Chuck Jones' Message to Employees 4/24/20
FirstEnergy Announces Plan for Virtual Annual Meeting of Shareholders 4/22/20
Recent PA Order Addresses On-site Temperature Checks 4/22/20
Masks Required in PA and NJ 4/21/20
Recognizing Our Line Workers' Inspiring Efforts 4/17/20
Continuing Critical Generation Operations 4/17/20
A Simple, DIY Face Mask Tutorial 4/16/20
Is Your Home Coronavirus-proof? 4/16/20
Flexibility Is the Key for Customer Service 4/16/20
Continue to Grow and Learn While Working from Home 4/16/20
Recruiting and Onboarding During the COVID-19 Emergency 4/15/20
Your Opinion Matters 4/15/20
COVID-19’s Impact on the Market 4/14/20
COVID-19 Time Coding Updates and Anthem Health Plan Enhancement 4/13/20
A Message from Chuck Jones to Employees 4/10/20
Do You Have COVID-Like Symptoms or Been Exposed to the Virus? 4/9/20
Company Recommendations on Face Masks 4/8/20
A Look at Our Employee Assistance Program 4/8/20
Keeping Employees Safe Through COVID-19 Health Emergency 4/1/20
New On-site Temperature Checks Begin as an Additional, Required Preventive Measure 3/30/20
COVID-19 Employee Communications Survey – Your Opinion Matters 3/30/20
Your Coronavirus Questions Answered 3/30/20
When Neighbors Ask, Part 2 3/27/20
Addressing Your COVID-19 Concerns 3/27/20
Have You Recently Been on a Cruise or Traveled Internationally?   3/25/20
FirstEnergy, Our Contractors and Vendors Considered Essential Businesses During Shut-Downs 3/24/20
Support Is Available 3/24/20
Defining Guidelines for Working Remotely 3/23/20
Leverage Your Resources to Get Answers 3/23/20
Home Temperature Checks Strongly Encouraged to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 3/23/20
Temperature Self-Checks Vital to COVID-19 Prevention 3/20/20
Conserve Bandwidth – Think Before You Click 3/20/20
Non-essential Vendors and Visitors Strongly Discouraged 3/20/20
Keeping it Clean 3/19/20
Answering Common Coronavirus Questions 3/17/20
Guidelines for Workplace Flexibility and Time-Off Due to COVID-19 3/16/20
When Neighbors Ask 3/14/20
Update from Chuck Jones on Coronavirus 3/13/20
Monitoring the Status of the Coronavirus 3/13/20
Two Large Nonurgent Safety Meetings Postponed 3/9/20
Understanding the Coronavirus 2/6/20


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Communications from Steve Strah

Message Date Type
Video Message to Employees from President Steve Strah 7/7/20

  • Please complete the Medical Illness Screening form in the Safe Workplace Tool if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have come in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Please complete the Employee Return From Travel form in the Safe Workplace Tool 24-hours prior to returning to work from personal domestic or international travel (other than for company-related work activities)assessment form.
  • The FirstEnergy Reporting Center, for health-related questions
    Staffed on Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (If calling outside normal business hours or during times of high call volume, please leave a message and a nurse care manager will return your call.)
  • Email Corporate Health & Safety
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