Maintaining good health is important for you and those around you. That’s why our HealthyLiving wellness program and health care plan offers options for getting your flu shot.

Protect yourself and others by getting the flu shot. Flu shots are fully covered by FirstEnergy’s health plan under preventive care and are also available free through the HealthyLiving program. When you get your flu shot you can also earn a $25 reward through HealthyLiving.

Flu shots are available through the following options:

  1. Participating Caremark network pharmacy
    If you participate in FirstEnergy’s health plan, you are a Caremark member and can simply present your Caremark ID card at a network retail pharmacy for a flu shot.
  2. Health Care Provider
    If you participate in FirstEnergy’s health plan, use your Anthem ID card to obtain a flu shot through your personal health care provider, if offered.
  3. Voucher at CVS or Walgreens
    Use a flu shot voucher from HealthyLiving at CVS or Walgreens.

HealthyLiving account  > Benefits > type Flu Shot or Vaccinations into the search bar. Print the voucher and take it with you.

You can earn $25 in HealthyLiving rewards by getting your flu shot as well as other vaccines.




$25 (2x/year)

Get a vaccine (COVID, Flu, Shingles, etc.)

Get a vaccine