Maintaining good health is important for you and those around you. That’s why our HealthyLiving wellness program and health care plan offers options for getting your flu shot and completing a biometric health screening. While we will not be holding onsite health fairs this year, there are new and convenient ways to obtain these important services.

Flu shot options

Protect yourself and others by getting the flu shot. Flu shots are fully covered by FirstEnergy’s health plan under preventive care and are also available free through the HealthyLiving program.

Flu shots are available through the following options:

  1. Participating Caremark network pharmacy
    If you participate in FirstEnergy’s health plan, you are a Caremark member and can simply present your Caremark ID card at a network retail pharmacy for a flu shot.
  2. Health Care Provider
    If you participate in FirstEnergy’s health plan, use your Anthem ID card to obtain a flu shot through your personal health care provider, if offered.
  3. Voucher at CVS or Walgreens

Use a flu shot voucher from HealthyLiving at CVS or Walgreens.

HealthyLiving account  > Programs > Flu Shots. Print the voucher and take it with you.

Biometric health screening options

An important part of your health is to learn your numbers, celebrate where you are doing well and take a look at where you can improve. Knowing your numbers is key to getting on the path to improved wellbeing. A biometric health screening is an easy way to learn your numbers – like blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and Body Mass Index (BMI) – and keep track of your health over time.  

Options for completing a biometric health screening:

  1. Voucher at a CVS Minute Clinic or LabCorp Location
    Download the health screening voucher and take it with you.
    HealthyLiving account > Programs > Health Screening – CVS MinuteClinic or LabCorp.
  2. Health Care Provider
    FirstEnergy's health plan covers designated in-network wellness care services at 100%*.
    Download the HealthyLiving screening form and take it with you to your provider’s office. HealthyLiving account > Programs > Health Screening – Download Health Screening Form.
  3. NEW: Home Test Kit
    New this year is an option to complete your biometric screening - from the privacy and convenience of home.  If requested, the home test kit is mailed directly to you and includes testing supplies and detailed instructions.  The kit tests total cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose – you can self-report height, weight and blood pressure, if available.  Your rewards and screening results will appear in your HealthyLiving account approximately four weeks from the time you return the completed test kit.
    HealthyLiving account > Programs > Health Screening – Home Test Kit (available starting Oct. 5).

HealthyLiving Rewards

You can earn HealthyLiving rewards by getting your flu shot and completing a health screening. Rewards are also available for meeting the healthy results below.

​​Measure Rewarded Healthy Range Rewarded Healthy Improvement
Body Mass Index (BMI) Less than 30 Improve 5% or more
Blood Pressure Under 60 years of age: <140/90 mmHG
Over 60 years of age: <150/90 mmHG
Improve 5% or more
Total Cholesterol Less than 220 Improve 5% or more
Glucose Fasting less than 126
Non-fasting less than 200
Improve 5% or more

*Services are not considered wellness (and covered at 100%) if you get them as part of being diagnosed, monitored or treated for an illness or injury (except certain care in relation to pregnancy). You may incur out-of-pocket costs if you receive non-wellness care services during the same office visit.

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