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75 points 50 points 25 points
Biometric Screening ¹

Online Health Risk Assessment

Health coaching (Provant/Anthem)

(Non-user or cessation program)

HDL ≥ 60

Triglycerides < 150

Waist circumference:
< 40 inches for males
< 35 inches for females
(or 5% improvement)

Blood pressure < 130/85

Glucose < 100

5% Weight Loss
Primary Care Physician Designation ³

Dental exam ²

Vision exam ²

Preventive exam

Winter Challenge

Summer Challenge
Online Wellness Workshop

Community Race/Walk

Weight Loss Program

Flu Vaccine

Gym Membership
Financial Planning ³
including participation in Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Service OR Financial Advisor Consultation
Financial Wellness ³
(Fidelity, Life Resources EAP or other)

Healthcare Consumerism ³
15 Volunteer Hours Blood Donation

Life Resources EAP activity

Wellness Champion ³


Earned Points Earned Incentive
200-399 $200
400-599 $400
600-899 $600
900+ $600 + BOLT Award


Spouse/Domestic Partner Criteria Earned Incentive

Biometric Screening & HRA


Physical Wellness:
Having good health and enough energy to get things done daily
Financial Wellness: Managing your finances to reduce stress and increase security Emotional Wellness:
Liking what you do each day, having supportive relationships in your life, having a sense of community and giving back.

¹ Required Activities
² New Point Value
³ New Activity


Healthy Living Summary Plan Description