Q  What is a home test kit?
  A home test kit is an option through the HealthyLiving wellness program to complete your biometric screening from the convenience of home. When requested, the home test kit is mailed directly to you and includes testing supplies and detailed instructions.

Q  Who is eligible to request a home test kit?
  Any member of the HealthyLiving wellness program can request a home test kit. This program is available to all employees – even if you are not enrolled in other FirstEnergy benefits. Spouses and domestic partners enrolled in a FirstEnergy or union-sponsored medical plan are also eligible.

Q  How do I request a home test kit?
  Home test kits can be requested through your HealthyLiving account as follows: HealthyLiving account > Benefits > Health Screening – Home Test Kit

Q  What is the health screening process with a home test kit?
  Following is the general process for completing a health screening with a home test kit:

  1. HealthyLiving member requests home test kit through HealthyLiving account
    You will be prompted to self-report your weight, waist circumference, and blood pressure, if known, at the time you order your home test kit. The kit will arrive at your home approximately two weeks after being requested.
  2. Member registers the kit on the Pixel site, submits sample, and mails it back using pre-paid envelope
    Follow the instructions included in the home test kit to register and for sample collection. Then use the pre-paid return envelope included in the home test kit to mail your sample to the lab within 24 hours of collection.
  3. Results and rewards are posted to HealthyLiving account
    You’ll receive an email notification from Pixel when your kit has been processed and results are available. Results and rewards will appear in your HealthyLiving account approximately four weeks from return of the kit.

Q  Who do I contact if I have questions about my results?
  If you have questions regarding your home test kit, or testing results, contact Virgin Pulse at 833-724-1783 or support@virginpulse.com.

Q  What rewards can I receive for completing my Health Screening?
  You will earn $50 in HealthyLiving rewards by completing a health screening. Rewards are also available for meeting the healthy results. For more details, visit the Rewards section within your HealthyLiving account.